Asolo a place of inspiration and much more

This weekend was all about relaxation, good food and strolls around the Veneto hills.
The village we are talking about is Asolo, a dear place to us as it has inspired one of our signature bags.
Asolo is considered to be one of Italy’s most beautiful villages. It still today keeps an authentic Italian vibe, with the aesthetics of the town being very traditional and timeless.
It was named the town of the hundred horizons by Giosuè Carducci, as it is in the heart of the lovely Italian hills and close to the Grappa Mount as well, so on one side you can see the snowy caps and on the other the vast infinity of the Veneto Pianura.
Asolo_panoramica_1One of our team members, Elena, is particularly fond of this place as her family came across this town many many years earlier and fell in love with it. Her whole family now spends here most of their holidays. It is a place where shutting down your mind is so easy and taking in the nature and surroundings is simply healing and gives a great sense of relaxation and peace of mind.

We began our visit around this place by walking through the tunnels of the second world war. These tunnels cross hills from one side to the other and have been maintained with perfection as if they were still in use today! Crossing these dark tunnels is definitely an electrifying experience, and one you can’t have when living in the city. It is common to sometimes find wild boars running around those tunnels, but this time we were lucky…

Following this debut in Indiana Jones style, we decided to take a look at the dining options offered by this town. There are so many different places, for all tastes and types. The little village has loads to offer in terms of food. The Hotel Villa Cipriani for example, with its beautiful garden and a typical Veneto cuisine, or the Hotel Al Sole, with a more sophisticated twist on classic Italian dishes. But there are also many great historical osterie, such as the Due Mori, where homemade cuisine is still today impeccable and extremely tasty.

Asolo_Cipriani_3Walking the streets of Asolo is definitely something that brings us back in time. The town has great respect for tradition and for its origins. The famous castle of the queen Caterina Cornaro still looks as if it was inhabited by the people of the time. This Castle is very important to the town, as queen Caterina Cornaro was responsible in great part for the cultural growth of Asolo.
It is very fascinating to see how modern elements such as boutiques and stores have been perfectly and smoothly inserted in the town’s scenario. The building’s facades are untouched but well kept. A perfectly harmonious combination.

Make sure you don’t mis the aperitivo at the classic Caffè Centrale. Here you will notice how the bar’s chairs have names of famous personalities that have passed by this town: Ernest Hemingway, Eleonora Duse, Robert Browning and Freya Stark only being a few…  Opt for a classic glass of prosecco or a spritz, or one of the seasonal drinks! Each couple of months this bar changes the seasonal drink according to the fruits that are available. Autumn is the perfect time for the “Tintoretto”: prosecco and pomegranate juice.

rocca-di-asolo_tv-1024x1024Asolo is one of the nicest places to spend time with family and friends. Everyone here is very warm and we were invited for dinner at Elena’s family home. These are amongst our favourite dinners, as they last forever between a glass of homemade Prosecco and telling stories about our latest adventures…

Now time has come to pack our Asolo Weekend Bag and leave again. It is always inspiring to visit places so loaded with historical content and culture. Keep following our journey to learn more about our creations and what inspired them! We hope you are having as much fun as we are.

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