Spilimbergo: a town caught between the Adriatic shores and the Italian Mountains

As you must have learnt by now, we love to travel around the most interesting and inspiring places in Italy.
Although the cities we live in are amongst the most commonly known ones in Italy, there are many other small cities and towns that are either in our hearts due to some personal reason, or are places we got to know randomly and that we fell in love with.
MadeToBe was inspired by our beautiful country, and one of the intents of this project is that of bringing to all our friends and supporters, a knowledge of Italy at 360 degrees. We definitely want you to learn more about the cities we live in and what goes on in them all around the year. But we also want to bring to you smaller places that remain hidden and undiscovered by many.
Each place in Italy is special and has important historical backgrounds.
We decided to dedicate our first backpack to the town of Spilimbergo, and to a dear friend who lives here too.

This town is located in Friuli Venezia Giulia, a region in the north-east of Italy. Its beauty is the fact it is so close to the beaches and a short distance from the mountains too. It was a very renewed town in the times of the Middle Ages and the Renaissance, the town does in fact still today run on the urban bases that were created at the time. It still has that antique feeling that makes you think you are in another era, as all has been very well kept and cared for. The main square, Piazza Duomo, has always been the town’s heart as it was where all the commercial activities took place, with merchants coming in from all the nearby cities. All the dealing and trading took place here and within the Palazzo del Daziario and Palazzo della Loggia, where the merchants stored their supplies and the quality controls took place.
Due to this intense economic growth, the town had to build three more rounds of walls in the 14th century.
The Castle was initially built to guard the Tagliamento River. It still today remains one of the town’s symbolic buildings. It was built by the German Spengenberg family.
The castle was unfortunately destroyed by a fire in 1511 and rebuilt on Middle Ages’ schemes. Still today you can admire the Torre Orientale and the Casa Dipinta, which was decorated in the 16th century with beautiful frescos representing the life of Hercules.
What is left of the first round of walls are two towers and some pieces of walls.
In the castle’s court you can also admire elegant buildings in various architectures: from Roman to Gothic, to Venetian and Renaissance.
The Castle today is partly privately owned (it has a great restaurant inside it which we must suggest you try!) and partly belongs to the town’s district.


If you stroll around town you will definitely hear someone speak about the town’s famous reading, the Barbacian! It was founded in 1963 by some enthusiasts of the town and Friuli culture. It still toady is widely read and supported in the area. It is published twice a year (August and December) and touches various themes such as tradition, history, culture and current happenings. Grab a copy if you get the chance to, it is loaded with interesting cultural insights. It is still today considered one of the best cultural publications in the region and withholds an archive of around 3500 articles from its birth to today.
We loved spending some time here, hope you too have found it interesting. The backpack we created, inspired by the history and care of this town, is exactly what our project is about: maintaining traditions and making them fit in contemporary society with love and care.
The Spilimbergo backpack is now one of our iconic products and amongst the most requested! Since its first creation last month, we have now made it available in four different colours, and we hope more will come soon!

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