Home Sweet Home… Parma!

So we told you a lot about some of our favourite towns all around Italy, but we can’t avoid talking about our hometown Parma.
This city is so important to us as it is also the place where all our products are made. The artisanal workshop where all our products are brought to life is here. And this is why we dedicated our first product to Parma: the Parma 3-Zipper Travel Bag.
We work with highly skilled artisans to make sure the designs we come up with are actually functional and smart. Our three keywords are smart, unique and Italian, so we must make sure our products fit these characteristics. And the best way to do so is working with a team that covers all the areas. We also work together in choosing the materials and making sure the quality of our products is always the best.
Parma is well known for being a city rich in culture, music and food. Many important historical personalities have come by this town in important moments of their lives and careers. The Parma-living is very chilled and not too frantic, personally we love to spend time in its beautiful parco Ducale, and ride around in bicycles.
Although it is not a very big town, Parma has a lot of things to see and offer. The city centre is beautiful and full of culinary pit-stops you must not miss. Many restaurants also offer a gastronomy as well, so you can buy and take away the favourite foods you eat! We always pack a whole load of Tortelli, Anolini, Parmigiano and various Prosciutti to take up to our office in Milan.

Piazza Garibaldi, Piazza del Duomo e Battistero, Teatro Farnese, the Palazzo Ducale gardens are all places you must go and see! Some people actually call Parma “Little Paris”, but we prefer to think that each city has its own essence and identity.
Parma is a city with a cheerful and sociable spirit, with a strong artistic and cultural tradition, amongst which we can find noteworthy names: Benedetto Antelami, to whom we owe the Duomo and the Battistero, made in pink marble from Verona, Correggio, who worked on Saint Paul’s Chamber in San Giovanni Evangelista and in the Duomo, and Parmigianino, who painted the frescos in the church of Santa Maria della Steccata and part of San Giovanni.
The Galleria Nazionale, inside the Palazzo della Pilotta, hosts many works of Correggio, Parmigianino, Canova Tiepolo and Leonardo Da Vinci.
Parma also gives space to modern architecture: with works of Renzo Piano, the Paganini Auditorium and the Piazzale della Pace, besides the Pilotta.
Music and theatre are also protagonists in this city. This passion goes way beyond the pairing of Parma and Verdi, and is brought out in the many structures and spaces dedicated to the arts: The Paganini Auditorium, the Casa della Musica, the Casa del Suono and the Teatro Regio (Royal theatre) which was strongly wanted by Maria Luigia and opened in 1829. It remains still today one of the most famous theatres in the world.
The surrounding province is also worth a visit, as there are many castles to see, inheritances of the various families that lived and ruled in Parma over time: the Scaligeri, the Visconti and the Sforza.


The wine and food culture is also of fundamental importance. Parma is known in fact as being a Unesco World Heritage site as Parma – City of Gastronomy. Born here is the renowned Parmigiano Reggiano and Prosciutto di Parma, as well as the world famous Pasta Barilla. Many other major food companies are based here, and trust us when we say that anywhere you will end up eating, you will eat well. Big companies, not only within the food area, have been able to expand in this city due to its strong industrial power and solid base for growth.
In addition to this we appreciate how this city is also very careful in preserving its artisanal activities. “Hand made” and “Made In Italy” are two elements that are greatly looked after within this scenario.
So this is what mostly makes Parma so unique. A combination of many items that can strongly represent the Italian good living! We love spending time here to breathe the essence of our project. Working in close contact with passionate artisans is definitely something that fills us with new energy and motivation! A place of inspiration, where our families and friends are always ready to support us in our new adventures.
Keep following our journey to discover more about the inspiration that our beautiful Italy brings to MadeToBe.

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