Our personal “Perla Delle Dolomiti”

Cortina D’Ampezzo is referred to as the Pearl of the Dolomites, as it is a small town that is right in the middle of many beautiful mountains. All around it you can admire breathtaking views. It is one of the skiing towns that has the best landscapes around it.
It is located in the Dolomitic Alps, in the Veneto region, and is by far our favourite place for skiing, relaxing and taking time off from the frantic city life.
It is actually so important to us because it is where most of our team met. And who would have guessed that years later we would have got together and launched this wonderful project?!
As well as being in our hearts, Cortina is also a world-famous destination for skiing and winter sports.  It hosted the Winter Olympics in 1956 and since then has been the home of many important world winter-sports events. Many movies also have been set here, such as The Pink Panther (1963), For Your Eyes Only (1981), Cliffhanger (1993) and many famous Italian iconic films such as Vacanze di Natale, a movie that has become a classic Italian comedy must-see.
Since 2006, we have spent many New Years vacations celebrating all together in this beautiful town. This is the perfect place to spend the winter holidays, with snowy mountains, warm fireplaces and lots of good food and wine.
The perfect combination to kick off the new year in the right way.

You will know by now that we are a group of people who are strongly linked to tradition. Our project MadeToBe is based on our love for tradition: the artisanal manufacturing of each product we design is made by hand and with great care and love. The same care and love we have for our country and the beautiful places that have surrounded us in our lifetime and obviously inspired us.
What we love about Cortina is that, although in time it has become a popular chic destination, with many luxurious and fashionable hotels, stores and restaurants, it still keeps a strong link to its origins and its mountain-like vibe. Rifugio Tondi and Rifugio Duca D’Aosta are on top of our list for a great lunch during a skiing day. Our favourite foods here are the famous Canederli, Casunziei or the classic Piatto dell’Alpinista or Piatto dello Sciatore. Of course all “diet-perfect”: polenta, sausages, cheese and mushrooms… You can’t live life to its full if you haven’t tried these!!
If you love skiing you will adore it here. There are slopes for all levels. Visit Cinque Torri, Cristallo, Faloria and Tofana.
Once the skiing is over stroll around town, down Corso Italia, for a little shopping and a couple of good glasses of wine in the various wineries. As well as many Italians, Cortina also has hundreds of tourists coming in from all over the world. You will make new friends in no time.

Important happenings in Cortina include the lovely “Fiaccolata”, in which we obviously have all participated at least once! It is a greatly emotional experience. Skiers are allowed to ski at night on one of the main slopes in Cortina, and each one descends with a fired torch, in a procession that illuminates the dark skies and is amazing to see. The mountains are lit by thousands of candles, pure magic. Make sure you don’t miss it.
Another popular evening activity is that of heading up to one of the chalets, have dinner with your closest friends and then descend down the valley with a sledge race. Extremely fun. Just make sure you haven’t had too much to drink as the way down is rather full of twists and turns… And experience tells us that loosing the path might be very problematic…
And for those who can never get enough and who need more, Cortina always has you covered. The historical Vip Club is the traditional Italian Piano Bar, with singing and dancing that goes on until late late late…
We love this place and the fact that it brought us together. In our MadeToBe collection, we decided to dedicate the most elegant products of all to this town: the Cortina Clothing Case and Carrier. It is a very stylish travel piece, all made by hand from our artisans. We designed it to complement our signature travel totes and it is ideal when carrying smart jackets or dresses for an elegant night in the Cortina scenario. It perfectly represents the beauty, elegance and magic of this town.

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