5 Gift Ideas for Saint Valentine’s Day by MadeToBe

Valentines Day is on its way, and although we all know that every day is a good day to express love, why not take this occasion to remind our loved ones that we really do care.
Love finds its place in the smallest things and moments, however let’s keep in mind that an unusual and interesting gift will also make a good scene…

Our products are perfect for a gift that is made with love.
Not only all our products withhold a true essence of Italian handicraft, as each one is made singularly by hand and differs from the other due to the hand assembling, but they are also useful and practical.
MadeToBe product also remind us of the love for travelling. So it could be a first step to organising that weekend getaway or trip to another continent that has been on your list for a while…
Why not start from the essentials, choose to gift your loved one with a special MadeToBe travel piece. New adventures and unforgettable experiences shall follow.

The Spilimbergo Backpack in brown leather and grey wool is one of our iconic pieces. It is ideal for a winter weekend getaway in the mountains, has plenty of space to fit all your gear and has a touch of style that all the other backpacks will crave for.

Another very original product for a lovely Valentines Day gift is the Pietrasanta Bag in the new camel colour and brown leather details. It is definitely more urban looking, perfect for hard working partners who have loads of stuff to carry around every day and need a safe and comfortable carrier. It has a slim design and a wide opening so that it can fit tech devices as well as notebooks and papers. It is one of our latest models, very unique and classy. No doubt it will be very much appreciated. Give your boyfriend or husband a style upgrade! Choose the Cortina Clothing Case and Carrier this Valentines Day! The blue canvas and brown leather details are perfect for a very elegant combination. Yes, this is by far our most elegant piece in the collection. It will make him impress all his colleagues when on a business trip, and also is something very useful as not many men take care of the look of their travel bags and carriers (many just carry their shirts in the laundry bags!!).

If you want to give a little hint to your partner about taking you away for a weekend… then use this bag! The Parma 3-zipper travel bag is a clear message that you desire (and probably deserve) a weekend away! This travel bag is perfect to place all your stuff neatly. 3 compartments for great packing and unpacking. We like it in this winter version with grey wool and brown leather inserts!

Why not take it to the next level by giving your loved one a Gift Set? We have so many you can choose from, and each one has been thoroughly though about in regards to a specific occasion. For example pick the Gym Gift Set if your loved one is a sports and training maniac, they will really appreciate it. And you can choose from various colours too. Discover more on MadeToBe, you will definitely fall in love with our smart, unique and Italian products! And of course, nothing stops you from making a special gift to yourself… isn’t that a way to demonstrate love too?!

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