The City of Music and Flowers

So who will win this time? The 67th edition of the famous Festival Della Canzone Italiana has just kicked off and the city of Sanremo has once again, as every year at this time, been put at the centre of the attention by the many Italian music lovers.
Curiously enough, one of our favourite products has been inspired from this city and it’s musical vibes which can be sensed all year round. So we loaded our Sanremo 2-in-1 travel tote and backpack and decided to head for the “City of Flowers” to learn more about what is going on in this busy and energetic week.
Sanremo is in fact known as the City of Flowers due to its rich flower cultivations, which make up an important part of the economy of the city and contribute to the success of the international flower market of Sanremo.
Every corner of the city is beautifully decorated on these flowery notes, leaving a pleasant feeling for both our sight and sense of smell.
All this is aided by the climatic conditions which are favourable to the growth of plants and flowers all year long. Sanremo is situated on the Italian Riviera, in Liguria, and is a very popular tourist destination. In addition to hosting the famous Italian Music Festival, it also hosts the Milan-Sanremo cycling classic. So if you put together good climate, art, music and sports, you get a very interesting combination of tourists, coming from all around the world. 

The city evokes a sense of retrò elegance which we find very fascinating every time we visit it. And this historical atmosphere is best brought out in the special occasion of the Festival, where the city boosts with energy. Isn’t music after all by far one of the most powerful drives of good vibes in the world?
This year the competition has been carefully curated and has a wide list of special guests and important participants from the Italian music panorama. Gossip has started to circulate about a possibile special appearance of Keanu Reeves and Robbie Williams. We can’t wait to see who will show up on the stage of the famous Teatro Ariston. This historical theatre, where the Festival is held, is one of the city’s iconic buildings, as well as its Casino. The Casino is one of the fascinating and mundane points of social gatherings in the city, and is always filled with the most interesting personalities. We love spending time here and engage in serious activities of people-watching. And sometimes gambling too!

The city also has much more to offer. There are wonderful markets in the city centre which have kept its traditional integrity and charme, as well as fantastic Italian restaurants just by the sea.
Perfect for a romantic getaway or a family trip, we’re sure you’ll love it here! Make sure you take your Sanremo Travel Tote and Backpack with you! It just perfectly fits the scene! And we made it a backpack too because this place is also famous for the may bikes that are used to move around. So we had to have a Travel bag that could be comfortably used also in this occasion…
Now we’ll let you enjoy the Festival and hope you will have a good time in Sanremo.
Stay Tuned for our next trip around our beautiful Italy!

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