March 8th: Original Ideas for the Perfect Weekend with Your Friends

Catching a last minute flight with your closest friends? Diving into warm pools and getting pampered in beautiful spas?

Taking your sister on a horseback ride on the hills as promised for so long?

These are only some of the best things you can do to celebrate the International Women’s Day!
A day made to celebrate the importance of women. Every year on March 8, women are covered in bright yellow Mimosa flowers and smiles. So why not take this occasion to celebrate with your most loved women? It’s a great occasion to plan something special.
Here are a few of our ideas for a short trip or long weekend. Pack your bags and leave kids, husbands and boyfriends home (for once!)!
A woman’s suitcase is always ready to hit Paris! Where to go? Explore the Hotel Des Dames Du Pantheon, the four star, recently restored, hotel in the heart of the fish arrondissement, entirely dedicated to French women: here you can sleep in the red suite, inspired from the Belle Epoque and the Cocottes, seductive and beautiful French ladies.

3-parigi-panteon-piafThere’s a whole new room inspired to Edith Piaf, renowned french singer, famous for her sweet, but at the same time rough voice. An icon of rebellion: her dedicated room mixes vintage elements and modern design. In occasion of Women’s Day, the hotel will gift to each lady staying as a guest, a rose, a glass of champagne and a ticket to the exhibition organised, dedicated to women all around the world.

Well we must remember that within a woman’s best friends, there’s always a place for shoes. Not many of us are aware of something very interesting: in Stra, in the province of Venice, there’s a Footwear Museum (Museo della Calzatura), in the elegant Villa Foscarini Rossi, which holds a collection of 1500 models of luxury women’s shoes, produced in the 60’s by the Italian famous footwear company Calzaturificio Rossi. A very original place for a quick trip to celebrate with your best friends amongst thousands and thousands of shoes!

Museo dell calzatura  IN LAZIO, FOR THE ACTIVE LADIES 

If you’re looking to arrange a little more activity then head towards the province of Viterbo and get inspired by the activities set up by the Casale Poggio Nebbia in Tarquinia, exploring all the territories of the Farnesiana for example, where you can follow an expert guide on a mountain bike super tour!
You will also be able to trek and horseback ride: explore the valleys of the Mignone river and the Tolfa mountains, visit archaeological sites and take in the beautiful views. Make sure to bring a good camera!
Whatever you choose, make sure you have a good time, with the women in your life that you most love.
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