We like things that are done right.

We are MadeToBe travellers, and can’t get enough of exploring this planet. We therefore decided the moment has come for us to embark upon a project that would make this passion of ours just better.
The aim is that of designing and producing the ideal travel portfolio that will accompany all our trips, each element of our collection matching to perfection the various requests a trip implies, as well as its twists and turns.
All our products are born with the idea of bringing together a stylish spirit and refined designs.

We target a very wide range of travellers, all those who need something comfortable and aesthetically pleasant; the week-end addicts, the business travellers, the beach-maniacs and the backpack excursionists.

Every reason is a good reason to begin a new journey, and wherever that will take you, we’re sure it will somehow enrich your soul.

The three main values we want to concentrate on are the being SMART, UNIQUE and ITALIAN.

We focus thoroughly on each and every part of this project: from the choice of the materials used to the designs, to the processing and production. We work with highly skilled artisans from our hometown who refine each product one by one, by hand. This is what makes a difference when taking a closer look at the details. And we care very much that every detail is perfect for all our fellow travellers.

We don’t know where this journey will take us yet, but we’re ready to find out and hope you will tag along!



We want to create a new group of travel companions out of which you can choose your favourite from, according to your preferences and plans.

Our idea is that of designing and accurately manufacturing a line of travel bags and accessories that is highly recognisable all around the world. We want the value each product withholds to stand out.

The names of our products are all names of places in Italy that have a special meaning and importance for us, as well as being beautiful places you should absolutely visit once in your lifetime. And we’re sure you probably haven’t even heard of many of them!

We strongly believe in the charm that the Italian tradition has, in the beauty of its handcrafting and in our idea of style.

We want to bring fresh air to the wold of travelling, and we want to do so by bringing in the scene a line of products that are MadeToBe unique, smart and Italian.




At the focus of our project is the artisanal tradition, which is rigorously Italian.

All our products are born with the intent to mix a stylish spirit with refined and elegant lines, handcrafted with care and dedication.

We work in close contact with a group of highly skilled artisans in the area of Parma, who have great expertise in working leather. We like to go through each product together, dedicating full attention to every detail, making sure every product is as functional as possible, and we strive to achieve absolute precision in obtaining the travel bag we have in mind.

The passion for the materials used is also a big part of all this. We choose them personally out of hundreds of samples, hoping they will be appreciated from all of you too.

Our products are unique as they hold within them the great value of hours and days of hard and passionate work.
In addition to that, they can be hand-engraved in a small leather strip, thus making them only yours.


Nothing matters more when you travel than having a functional and comfortable “partner in crime” to support you. Yes, this is what we like to call our product.

We want to give you everything you need depending on your requirements. Each product is accurately studied to best respond to various travelling situations.

We want to give you all the space you need. Every one of your favourite items will find its perfect place in our bags: your laptop, your smartphone, your tablet and your sunglasses.

The shapes and materials of our products will make it seem as if they aren’t even there, full comfort and support just there for you.

Every product is studied carefully to make sure we place the right amount of extra pockets, the ideal straps and handles where they are needed, and the best zippers and latches for secure closure.


By now you might have understood that we are Italian, and proud to be so.

As mentioned, every item of our collection is a named by an Italian town that is significant within our professional or personal lives. These places are an icon within our country, although some are more renowned than others, but each one has its own peculiar identity, exactly like all our products.

These places have been the initial inspiration for our journey and start of this new project. We want to make you experience it too, and hope it will be communicated throughout our products.

We want to transmit Italian artisanal excellence, and dedicate it to traditional, contemporary and innovative travellers.

All our products are Made in Italy and follow the unmistakable Italian imprint. We use high quality materials and leather which are hand processed within our beautiful country.

Who we are


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