Capri Leather Triangular Earphones Holder

Obtained by using the best pieces of leather, cut accurately and put together to make a functional accessory that you will soon learn you won’t be able to live without! Traditional handicraft is reinterpreted to create a cool new idea.





  • Shipping 5£ in Italy | 10£ in all EU
  • 100% Made in Italy and Handmade
  • Compatible with any sort of earphones
  • Lightweight
  • Triangular shape
  • Button snap closing
  • Earphones not included

The Capri Leather Triangular Earphones Holder is a new small product that must become a fundamental item in your handbag from now on. You will learn to love it as it will solve you the usual frustrating task of having to untangle your earphones while trying to take an urgent call.

In addition to keeping you earphones always neat and rolled, the Capri Leather Triangular Earphones Holder will also make them easy to find and make sure they are always there for you when you need them.

Made in Italy with real high quality leather by skilled craftsmen to make sure it is not only a beautiful object but a functional support for any of your earplugs. This product is compatible with any kind. It has a small metal button for quick and easy fastening.

You will notice how the leather is not identical in all pieces as each part is different and holds specific peculiarities. Each Capri Leather Triangular Earphones Holder is therefore one of a kind.

This product perfectly fits with all the other travel products from our collection. It is an item that holds the deep value of attentive handcraft and will give an elegant touch to your tech gear.

Additional information

Dimensions11 × 5 × 2 cm

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