Cortina Clothing Case and Carrier with Brown Leather Details



Dress to impress they say.. but you won’t impress much if your outfit is all crumpled. We’ve got you covered with this stylish Clothing Case and Carrier. A must have for all travellers. This is one of our signature products, and while it may seem it is created specifically for men, we’re sure women will appreciate it too.




  • Shipping 5£ in Italy | 10£ in all EU
  • 100% Made in Italy and Handmade
  • Soft canvas
  • Brown leather details
  • Easily folds for comfortable carrying
  • All around zipper
  • Extra knobs and band for closure
  • Fits comfortably 3 shirts
  • Hanger not included

A signature product, the Cortina clothing case and carrier with brown leather details is made by hand from specialised artisans in Italy who take care of every single piece with close attention. They use only the best quality materials to create outstanding products which will definitely make you stand out from the airport check-in crowds and all their usual and uninteresting travel gear.

The brown leather details are applied to the canvas for additional support as well as for a chic touch.

The case can easily hold a couple shirts or an elegant jacket or a beautiful dress, depending on your style and the occasion. It is measured to hold only one or a few pieces, as we did not want to make it too bulky and heavy to carry around.

The Cortina clothing case and carrier is available in 2 colours at the moment: smart blue and discreet green.

What makes this product great is that it is lightweight and can easily be folded in half and adjusted with a central leather band and two lateral metal studs to keep it in order and especially to keep your clothing in place. This way it can be carried around with ease.

Perfect for holding your just-washed-and-ironed shirts, your smart jackets for an elegant evening or a spectacular dress that should by no means end up squashed into a last minute packing rush in a tote.
An all-around zipper allows you to fully open the case and place your clothes in it comfortably.

Any stylish traveller must possess this!

Additional information

Dimensions57 × 3 × 48 cm

Canvas Blue, Canvas Green, Canvas Pink, Wool Grey

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