Portofino Tablet Leather Case with Soft Padding

Handmade to perfection to dress your Tablet in the finest leather and most resistant and comfortable case. A modern interpretation of the most traditional handicraft.



  • Shipping 5£ in Italy | 10£ in all EU
  • 100% Made in Italy and Handmade
  • Made to measure: Compatible with all the Tablet and Apple iPad
  • Real Italian brown leather
  • Reinforced padding to ensure maximum protection

The Portofino Tablet Leather Case with Soft Padding is an outstanding accessory that will give an exquisite touch to your Tablet. Mixing such an innovative device with a traditional case will make you stand from the crowd.

This Tablet case has been designed by skilled craftsmen to make sure it is not only a beautiful object but a functional support for your device.

The leather used is high quality Italian leather and the product is entirely made by hand by artisans with years and years of expertise in the processing and working of leather. You will notice how the leather is not identical in all pieces as each part is different and holds specific peculiarities. Each Portofino Tablet Leather case is therefore unique and different from the other.

The Tablet case embraces perfectly your device, so that it will not slip out and fall during travelling or simply when getting from one meeting to the other. In addition to that, it has an internal soft padding that makes sure the device is not damaged when it falls or bumps.

This product is ideal when travelling as it allows you to protect your Tablet when packing it in the middle of your other items in your favourite bag or tote.

As its name says, the Portofino Tablet Leather Case with Soft Padding is a gem that must be seen to be understood and is not for everyone. Only the most tasteful characters will really appreciate it, and we do hope that you have a friend or relative who will be the perfect person to pair this delicate and elegant product with!

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