The Functional Everyday Gift Set

The name says it all: two functional items that will support your everyday activities with great elegance and comfort. Grab this set to have these two items at a special bundle price!



The Functional Everyday Gift Set is exactly what you need for your everyday precision and elegance. 

Completely made in Italy in real leather, this set has two great products put together for your routine’s best comfort.

The Barengo Credit Card Holder is sleek and elegant, the perfect size that fits in most pockets and also ideal for small women bags. It fits up to a maximum of 6 credit cards, 3 on each side. There is also an additional central opening. The Barengo Credit Card Holder in Brown Leather is also made to be a resistant product that lasts in time. The leather is rather thick and can result a bit tight initially but consider the product softens and the leather adapts to perfectly embrace the shape of your credit cards.

The Noto Apple Watch Wristband in Brown Leather is the classy touch that will make your Apple Watch stand out from the crowd.

Put these two together and have a smart, out of the ordinary and classy pair to accompany you through your daily routine.


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