The Gala Dinner Gift Set



Two of our classiest and most chic products put together to make a proper appearance for a special occasion. Make sure all your travel accessories are as smart as you are. This Gift Set pairs these 2 products and makes sure you have them at a great bundle price!



The Gala Dinner Gift Set is a combination of two classy and chic products. They will accompany you to a special evening and make sure everything is in order. 

This gift set is ideal for all your posh friends who love to make sure they are always perfect!

The Cortina Clothing Case and Carrier with Brown Leather Details is a travel accessory that will impress anyone. Not many know about the existence of such a precious item, keep in mind. We are sure most of your friends and relatives move around carrying their suit or jacket in a plastic crumpled nylon bag. No more! Perfect for holding your just-washed-and-ironed shirts, your smart jackets for an elegant evening or a spectacular dress that should by no means end up squashed into a last minute packing rush in a tote.

The Cortina Clothing Case and Carrier with Brown Leather Details is available in 2 colours at the moment: smart blue and discreet green.What makes this product great is that it is lightweight and can easily be folded in half and adjusted with a central leather band and two lateral metal studs to keep it in order and especially to keep your clothing in place. This way it can be carried around with ease.

The Bellagio Vanity Case in Soft Italian Leather is finally something different from the usual vanity cases we all have and have seen over and over again. This is something extraordinarily elegant and useful at the same time. Very chic, it makes a perfect match with the Cortina Clothing Case and Carrier.

Both products are made in Italy with high quality materials and leather. We use only the best quality materials to create outstanding products which will definitely make you stand out.

These products are hand made in every part by our specialised artisans who work with care on every piece and every detail, one by one.

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