The Office Gift Set



Busy days at the office? Have all your items in order with the aid of our precious MadeToBe bags and accessories. The Office Gift Set puts these items together at a great price!



The The Office Gift Set is ideal for carrying all your items around to and from the office. A bag, a tablet case and an earphones carrier. This is all you need to make sure everything is in place and ready to use.

A great idea as a gift for any of your hard working friends and relatives.

All the extra stuff is also kept in consideration, as it all goes in one of the two parts of the Alba 2 Zipper Computer Carrier and Office Bag.

The Alba 2 Zipper Computer Carrier and Office Bag with Brown Leather Details is a great office bag. It has 2 separate compartments, each with its zipper, for best organisation. We imagined one to store your laptop, tablet and various chargers, and the other for all the papers you need to carry around. However feel free to interpret this bag as you wish! It is lightweight and made with soft canvas in our signature blue, green and pink, or in the new version for this upcoming winter: the grey resistant wool.

The Portofino iPad Canvas Case with Soft Padding and Brown Leather Details embraces perfectly your device, so that it will not slip out and fall during travelling or simply when getting from one meeting to the other. In addition to that, it has an internal soft padding that makes sure the device is not damaged when it falls or bumps.

The Capri Leather Triangular Earphones Holder is perfect to store your earphones on your bag, allows you to find them immediately when you need them, and avoids the stress of tangled earphones. So that when there’s an urgent conference call, everything is ready!

Our products are all made in Italy. The leather used is high quality Italian leather and the products are entirely made by hand by artisans with years and years of expertise in the processing and working of leather.

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Canvas Blue, Canvas Green, Canvas Pink, Wool Grey

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