The Tech Accessories Gift Set


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A gift set that is put together for all tech lovers. Our small leather accessories that will visually upgrade your gear! And if you get them with this set you will have them at a better price compared to purchasing them singularly!



The Tech Accessories Gift Set is a combination of three of our products that are made specifically for your tech stuff.

This gift set is designed to carry your precious objects around with care and elegance. The brown leather details add a touch of sophistication to the set.

Made in Italy with real high quality brown leather by skilled craftsmen to make sure these objects are not only beautiful items but a functional support for any of your devices.

The Capri Leather Triangular Earphones Holder is perfect to store your earphones on your bag, allows you to find them immediately when you need them, and avoids the stress of tangled earphones.

The Portofino iPad Canvas Case with Soft Padding and Brown Leather Details instead protects your iPad while traveling and acts as a stylish accessory to carry around.

The Noto Apple Watch Wristband in Brown Leather is the classy touch that will make your Apple Watch stand out from the crowd.

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