The Urgent Meeting Gift Set



Have friends that are always running around from a meeting to the other? This gift set is ideal to make sure they carry around their meetings-essentials with ease. Get these 3 products through this Set to make sure you have them at a convenient price!



The products that make up the The Urgent Meeting Gift Set are ideal to make sure all you need in a meeting is ready and in order. A fantastic idea to make a great gift to your businessmen and women friends and relatives.

The Rivarolo Slim Laptop Case with Brown Leather Details is lightweight and reinforced with leather details to keep it in shape and make it more resistant. These same details also give it an elegant appearance and a retrò touch that blends to perfection with an accessory studied for tech products. We have designed this product for anyone who commonly uses a laptop, as we found it difficult ourselves to choose a laptop case that is both aesthetically appealing and at the same time that gives the correct protection to our device while carrying it around.

The Barengo Credit Card Holder in Brown Leather is sleek and elegant, the perfect size that fits in most pockets and also ideal for small women bags. It fits up to a maximum of 6 credit cards, 3 on each side. There is also an additional central opening.

The Capri Leather Triangular Earphones Holder is perfect to store your earphones on your bag, allows you to find them immediately when you need them, and avoids the stress of tangled earphones. So that when there’s an urgent conference call, everything is ready!

Our products are all made in Italy. The leather used is first choice material and is processed with care. You will see how each of these products results different as the pieces of leather used are never identical and each part has its particularities. Each one is therefore unique and hand constructed with devotion. This great care is incorporated in each of our products and is what we proudly state is one of the cornerstones of our philosophy.

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